Winners 2017

Shriekfest 2017

Best Horror Feature Film:
directed by Haylar Garcia

Best Thriller Feature Film:
The Glass Coffin
directed by Haritz Zubillaga

Best Sci-Fi Feature Film:
directed by Diego Hallivis

Best Horror Short Film:
directed by Judson Vaughan

Best Sci-Fi Short Film:
The Things They Left Behind
directed by Sara Werner

Best Super Short Film:
directed by Kevin McMahon & Andy Dylan

Best Horror Feature Screenplay:
The Heebies
written by Andrea D. McGee

Best Thriller Feature Screenplay:
Rational Panic
written by Robert Rhyne

Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay:
written by Marc Roussel

Best Short Screenplay:
Dark Hour
written by Edward Martin

Best Music Video:
by Craven Band, directed by Erick Melchiorri

Best Commercial:
Scream Queen Wanted
directed by Shane Cole