Winners 2015

Shriekfest 2015

Best Horror Feature Film:
Directed by Zachary Beckler

Best Sci-Fi Feature Film:
The Answer
Directed by Iqbal Ahmed

Best Thriller Feature Film:
Landmine Goes Click
Directed by Levan Bakhia

Best Horror Comedy Feature Film:
Directed by Michael Steves

Best Horror Short Film:
The Peripheral
Directed by J.T Seaton

Best Sci-Fi Short Film:
The Stowaway
Directed by Rpin Suwannath

Best Super Short Horror Film:
The Smiling Man
Directed by A.J Briones

Best Horror/Thriller Feature Screenplay:
Jakob’s Wife
written by Mark Steensland

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay:
Knights of the Valiant Heart
written by Edward Santiago

Best Short Screenplay:
The Junkie’s Flaw
written by Jeffrey Stackhouse & Richard A. Becker

Best Commercial:
Nick Lines

Best Demo Reel::
Alessandro Pulisci Directing Reel