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TITLE: Soundwave
PREMIERE: World Premiere
SYNOPSIS: Ben Boyles is an orphaned radio technician that lives with one of his father's childhood friends, Antonio. But, when Ben finds out Antonio's repair shop isn't doing well, he moonlights as a crime solver with a dubious cop, Detective Macy. A genius inventor, Ben has created a device that can pick up old sound waves, allowing him to hear any conversation from the past. And while Macy is grateful for Ben’s help, he thinks there's real money to be made with Ben's device. Unfortunately, Macy's potential partners agree, but… why share?
WRITER(S): Dylan K. Narang
DIRECTOR(S): Dylan K. Narang
PRODUCER(S): Dylan K. Narang, Jeffrey J. Robinson
CAST: Hunter Doohan, Katie Owsley, Paul Tassone, Mike Beaver, Andrew Bongiorno, Vince Nappo

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