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TITLE: Jackal
PREMIERE: World Premiere
SYNOPSIS: Adam regains consciousness and finds out that he and his friend, Katie, have survived a major car accident in the dead of an upstate New York winter. Rescued by Lance, a stoic man who lives with his wife, Grace, when he stumbled upon them and took them back to his cabin in the woods, Lance appears to be Adam and Katie’s Good Samaritan. But Lance’s true intentions quickly come into question when Adam spots him snooping through Katie’s purse and discovers an out-of-place peephole on the closet door in the guest room. As the night progresses, Adam and Katie realize they must try to escape the clutches of an untrusting and mentally unstable Lance, or suffer a fate worse than they could have ever foreseen.
WRITER(S): Rich Van Tine
DIRECTOR(S): Matt Van Tine
PRODUCER(S): Rich Van Tine, Matt Van Tine, Jake Sheets
CAST: Nicholas Goldreich, Jordan Sessions, Tim Simek, Rosanne Limeres
RUNTIME: 23m 31s

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